The Atlantis Inn allows canine guests (max of 2 per room) to travel with their owners from the beginning of the hotel season until May 19th and again the Tuesday after Labor Day through the end of the hotel's season. Dogs are not permitted on hotel property anytime in between these holiday weekends. Dogs are not permitted in suites or efficiencies. The hotel reserves the right to cancel any reservation, or evict any guest without refund, for abusing this policy.

The Atlantis Inn DOES NOT permit any other animals on property, including cats, birds or reptiles to name a few. No exceptions will be made to this policy.

The Atlantis Inn charges a $30.00 fee per dog per night in addition to the room rate, with a maximum of 2 dogs per room.

You must inform the hotel prior to arrival if you have a dog with you. Please call or answer the question at the end of the reservation screen.

The Atlantis Inn requires anyone checking into the hotel to register their dog with the Front Desk. All owners will be asked to sign the dog disclaimer. To request a copy of the of this disclaimer, please feel free to contact the hotel. Otherwise, it is understood that you are in full cooperation and compliance with the dog policy.